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Big Tech Takes $31k from Small Conservative Brand and Then Bans Them - Lawsuit to Follow

July 14, 2022

Big Tech Takes $31k from Small Conservative Brand and Then Bans Them - Lawsuit to Follow

ATLANTA, GA – Conservative lifestyle brand,, known for selling Let's Go Brandon Swimsuits and other viral conservative items, is once again under attack from Big Tech. Klaviyo, a billion-dollar email and text messaging services for e-commerce companies, notified they were being banned from the platform for alleged "hateful content" that could promote violence. 

After building on the Klaviyo system for 2.5 years and spending over $31,000, without any prior warnings, the tech giant notified Bring Ammo they will shut down their service. When asked what content violated their policy, Klaviyo stated, "We are unable to discuss this case further."

“Big Tech is doing their best to put me out of business” said Seth Weathers, CEO, Bring Ammo.

Weathers continued, This isn't the first time we've been in the crosshairs of big tech, but this is their biggest hit. Our company is built on Klaviyo. The cost to our business will be tens of thousands. Their refusal to state the alleged violation proves this is an attack on conservatives.”

Bring Ammo previously dealt with Big Tech censorship when they were banned from selling a t-shirt raising money for Kyle Rittenhouse. 

“We will survive this latest attack. If we have to hand delivery catalogs to customers, we will. People have got to speak up when companies violate their own contracts to punish conservative companies. We're in the process of launching a lawsuit against Klaviyo, we will not back down. We will be uncensorable!” added Weathers.

Bring Ammo launched a new t-shirt to help raise money to fund their transition to a new provider. The new shirt "Uncensorable" can be viewed here: